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Ericka Lutz spends most of her time working with words.

Her novel, The Edge of Maybe was published by Last Light Studio books in 2012. Her award-winning short stories and personal essays have appeared in many books, anthologies, and journals, magazines, newspapers, and on the web. She is the author of seven commercial nonfiction books. She was a founding editor and wrote the popular monthly column, "Solo," at the online literary magazine Literary Mama.

Ericka combines years of formal theater training with interests in performance art / life art to create solo performances called "fearless," "quirky," "witty," "honest," and "entertaining." Ericka teaches writing privately, and recently retired from UC Berkeley. Since 1990, she has edited and consulted with writers about their writing and the writing process.

She lives in a Secret Undisclosed Location in the Sierra Nevada foothills with her sweetheart, her Giant Schnoodle, and nine chickens.



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