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My monthly column appeared at Literary Mama from 2006-2008. Visit the archives.

Why My Garden
The night train stops at dawn with a heave and a sigh. The sound of a whistle, a small bustle outside the compartment window. I look at my watch. Almost five a.m.; we're still an hour from Krakow. All night, the train rocked gently from Prague, yet I slept uneasily. Woken at the Czech-Polish border by pounding on the door -- Passport Control. I slide off the top bunk, careful not to wake my sleeping little girl in the middle bunk, my husband on the bottom, and I carefully raise the blackout blind. It sticks and the catch pinches my finger but I finally raise it enough to see out. A white sign hangs outside, framed perfectly by the train window. Brzezinka. The name sounds familiar but it takes me a moment to remember -- it's the Polish word for Birkinau, the largest of the three Auschwitz concentration camps. ...
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Who Am I Without My Wallet?
... As I spent hours on hold filing police reports and insurance claims, I fell into a dream. A philosophical, perhaps spiritual, reverie. Somebody (or somebodies) was out there in the world, using my identity. I felt a small frisson of curiosity when I thought of it. Other people masquerading as me for nefarious purposes. If somebody else was "Me," what a damn relief, because then, for a moment, I didn't have to be. ...
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Ericka's creative non-fiction appears in many anthologies and literary journals. Read the complete list of creative nonfiction publications on the CV page.


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