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Ericka writes fiction.


Ericka Lutz's novel The Edge of Maybe is published by Last Light Studio.

Her award-winning short fiction has appeared in anthologies, literary journals, and on the web. Grab a cup of tea, read a short story:

Abandoning Nature
I'm drinking coffee at the kitchen table and eating Honey Nut Cheerios with slices of banana. When I open the newspaper, I see the headline, "San Andreas Zoo Welcomes Two Newborns!" Beneath it, a picture of the elephant nursing a huge bottle, and another of the chimp, barely large enough to peer out of her human foster mother's hands.... read more...

San Andreas
The long, slow roller began with animal warnings, for where we lived even the ground was unreliable. I'd lived in San Andreas a long time. And even before that I knew about the animals; the warnings they gave and the warnings they didn't; the way the ground gave way. ....read more...

Deer Story
The girls are asleep on Friday night when Maxwell injures himself, a deep accidental cut to the base of his left thumb with an Exacto knife. He grabs the skin together with a washcloth, feeling himself go white. He walks into the living room where Paula reads on the couch. "I'll be back in a few minutes," he says, holding his injury behind his back, and steps outside. He almost falls, bites his teeth against nausea. Unsafe to drive. He waits only a few minutes at the bus stop three doors down. The TRAN bus descends the canyon road. Maxwell presses his wound against his chest to hold the washcloth on as he digs for his wallet, leaving a bloody stain on his t-shirt the shape and size of his heart. .... read more...

More stories available here and here and here and here and.... you get the idea.

Eyes tired? Listen to a podcast.

Sonia closed her eyes and dreamed of planting a poison garden. Oleander. Heliotrope. Lobelia. She sat on a bench at the Park and Rec below the nursing home and waited in the heat of Indian Summer. Around her, old people blinked alone on benches; laughter and splashing from children in the nearby public pool. Chinaberry: deciduous tree; fruit poisonous if eaten in quantity....
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Ruby and Ben
It's a bad day for Ben Kelly. I don't know why--he doesn't talk much and I can't read his face except to see that he's angry and tight. He hums, a high whining sound that makes me want to shout. His hands clench and unclench and he sits on the ground making circles with his feet. All the surging inside him, trapped electricity with no place to go. To avoid the head banging--if it starts it won't stop for hours, I say, "Let's walk, Ben....
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