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Coming Soon to a Black-Box Theater Near You:

A Widow's To-Do List

Solo Sundays
Sunday, January 23 at 7:00pm
StageWerx Theater
533 Sutter St. (Between Powell and Mason)
San Francisco

Tickets available NOW!

"When Ericka Lutz performs, her words lift right off the page and come to life on the stage.
She is a fearless, quirky, witty, and honest solo artist."
-- Thao P. Nguyen

How it all began...

Ericka Lutz began her performing career as the "Resident Little Girl" at the College of Marin, where she performed with notables such as Dakin Matthews, Kathleen Quinlan, and Robin Williams, and worked with Director Harvey Susser. After appearing in dozens of college and community productions, she graduated from ACT's Young Conservatory in San Francisco. She studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York before returning home to the Bay Area and becoming a hanger-on (read: comedy groupie) of the San Francisco comedy scene. This involved late nights at the Holy City Zoo, improv classes at the Spaghetti Factory, understudying for lame musicals, hot tubs, discos, and the occasional limousine ride. It wasn't as fun as it sounds.

After traveling extensively in Europe and waitressing in almost every restaurant in Manhattan, Ericka earned a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Creative Arts from SFSU, with a focus on Performance Art. During this time, she studied with contemporary videographer Lynn Hershman, performance artist Linda Montano, and R.G. Davis, founder of the SF Mime Troupe.

Ericka was part of the 1980's San Francisco Art Scene, performing solo in venues such as Club 9 and The Lab. During this era, she also worked as a topless dancer in high end clubs and delivered over 1,000 Strip-a-grams, including dancing for a Shriner's convention, a skinhead party, and some really scary boys in San Lorenzo.

In 1989, Ericka sang and danced on the late-night streets of Tokyo in exchange for coins thrown by drunken businessmen.

From 1990 on, Ericka focused primarily on writing, teaching, and mothering, using her performance training and experience for public readings and radio/TV interviews about her books. Since 2000, she has taught public speaking at UC Berkeley.

In 2002, Ericka began the slow return to her performance roots, taking (by accident) a stand-up comedy class with Hank Hyena. (The class was called "Comedy Writing." Who knew this would involve performing?)

In 2007, she began working with acclaimed comic/director W. Kamau Bell, writing and performing two solo shows, "Sh*t Happens," and "Me, Me, Me" at StageWerx and Solohouse. She is currently developing and workshopping elements of her full-length solo show, "A Widow's To-Do List." Who knew that Love and Death came with a side order of So-Much-to-Do?

"Ericka Lutz delivers smart words and clever acting. She is charming, thought provoking, and above all, entertaining."
-- Leslie Beam, miss-matches.com

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