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Previously Secret Information Gets Deeply Personal in Its First Anniversary Show
by Benjamin Wachs at The SF Weekly
A rave review for Ericka's storytelling!
"So personal that every syllable feels like an intrustion..." "Profound and terrifying..." "...the holy grail."
Read the review.

Encouraging a High-School Dropout
by Lisa Belkin at Motherlode
Article in the New York Times about Ericka's provocative ParentDish/AOL Essay.
Read the article.

Because I Love Her: Essays on the Mother-Daughter Bond
Ericka reads her essay "Beyond the Family Party Face" from Because I Love Her: Essays on the Mother-Daughter Bond at Books, Inc. San Francisco, Spring, 2009.
Watch the show.

"Mom, when did you..."
The Story with Dick Gordon
"Over dinner, Annie asked her mother: 'How old were you when you first had sex?' Annie stammered through her question. Ericka then took a deep breath, finished her daughter's question, and answered it, truthfully. Dick Gordon talks to Ericka about why she decided to share the story of her first sexual experience with her daughter. Annie also tells Dick why it's so important for her to be able to talk to her mother about sex."
Listen to the podcast.

'Because I Love Her': Daughters write about Mom
By Regan McMahon, May 09, 2009, Special to The Chronicle
"Lutz's essay explores the impact of growing up in a radical family whose creative legacy is inescapable. Her mother was a professional dancer, her grandmother the famous author Tillie Olsen. She said her relationship with her grandmother was 'fraught,' and after her death in early 2007, writing about it let her process it in a different way than one can with friends or in therapy. 'It was a cathartic experience.'"
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What Are You Working On?
An interview with Mark Pritchard
"I've spent the last few years learning how to write good short stories, which require a tight focus. Novels are a bigger canvas, so while you get to make bigger strokes (easier!) you also need to cover more ground (harder!). So I'm working on finding this novel's pace and voice. The beginning stages -- and this means many months -- of a project don't always feel rewarding as I struggle to answer the big questions: what am I writing about? Why? Who cares?"
Read the interview.

Mom University: Ericka Lutz, Fiction and Non-Fiction Writer
An interview with Ann Douglas
"I've been impressed by the variety of genres Ericka works in, her willingness to constantly challenge herself as a writer, and her personal warmth and generous spirit..."
Read the interview about the roots of my essay, "Why My Garden."

New Pages.com review of Kaleidoscope
Ericka Lutz's "Mishpocheh" (family) is an intricate exploration of how, miraculously, human beings hold on to one another, despite the world's attempts to make us let go. -- Ann Stapleton

Publishers Weekly review of Baby Maneuvers.
"For first-time parents, this is a first-rate guide."

Lutz, a writing instructor at UC Berkeley and columnist for the Babyzone.com Web site, understands that many parents find traveling with their babies and toddlers a major hassle. Between the diapers, carriage, changes of clothing, toys and other paraphernalia, sometimes it's simpler to just stay home. A parent and inveterate traveler herself, Lutz shares her own experiences as she offers advice on different kinds of excursions, from plane trips to long car drives to strolls around the block. Some of her topics such as finding family-friendly hotels, choosing vacation spots can be found in other travel guides, but most of the book addresses specific baby-oriented issues like nursing on the road, eating out with infants and picky eaters, or taking kids to stadiums. A particularly useful chapter on work covers home offices, taking offspring on business trips, choosing child care and planning meetings around a baby's schedule. Lutz also includes a trouble-shooting section that covers a range of terrifying scenarios, from running out of baby wipes to traveling with the little one through malaria country. For first-time parents, this is a first-rate guide.

Mama Ph.D. Review of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Stepparenting
...it was my partner’s bemused retelling of a story about a friend of his -- also a stepdad -- who plans on “liking his stepchildren when they're older” that gave me some pause and led me to buy Ericka Lutz’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Stepparenting. The book covers the stepparenting role from a variety of helpful angles, and is focused primarily on the stepparent’s role and feelings -- not the child’s.

Library Journal on Child of Mine
Every mother loves nothing better than to share stories with other mothers about their children, especially about the birth and the first days spent discovering this utterly dependent and utterly independent little creature. And who better to swap stories with than women who write and are thus capable of articulating thoughts and feelings that for most of us simply come out as a gush: "It's so wonderful!" Wonderful indeed are these stories from topnotch talent ranging from Naomi Wolf to Mona Simpson to Allegra Goodman, thoughtfully selected and edited by novelist and nonfiction author Kline. From Marcelle Clements's poignant, slightly panicked cry, "What are onesies?" to Wolf's dawning realization in the midst of a sojourn in Italy that she is pregnant to wrenching accounts by Ericka Lutz ("Thumbelina: The Complexities of Having a Pretty Little Girl"), about a baby needlessly induced, and Abigail Stone ("Bye Bye Baby: On Mother Guilt and Poverty"), this is a splendid collection. Highly recommended.


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