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Ericka performs A Widow's To-Do List.

Solo Sundays
Sunday, January 23 at 7:00pm
StageWerx Theater
533 Sutter St. (Between Powell and Mason)
San Francisco

Tickets available NOW!

"Wow. That was real. I loved her, and I hated her. Love.... and hate." -- 20-something San Francisco Hipster Audience Member

When she got married, Ericka didn't want to say the "until death do us part" part. Ironically, almost twenty years later - BOOM! - sudden widowhood, followed by grief, absurdity, skin-hunger, and tattoos. And who knew that Love and Death came with a side order of So-Much-to-Do?

A Widow's To-Do List

Ericka Lutz has a new show coming called "A Widows To-Do List." Her story of suddenly and unexpectedly losing her husband on the other side of the world is beautifully told, equal parts sad and hysterically funny, and avoids all the usual sogginess of this topic.

-- Enzo Lombard, "Love, Humiliation, & Karaoke"

I had the good fortune to be in the audience at the workshop premiere of Ericka Lutz's new solo performance piece "A Widow's To-Do List." Though there had been some murmuring about the power of this show, I was not prepared for such a deeply felt, keenly intelligent, at times funny, at times frightening, and always fervently honest work about the recent tragic death of her husband Bill. From the beginning I felt that sense of relaxation that occurs only when I'm witnessing the work of an artist who is in command of the material and has the skill to execute it. I want to add that Ericka created this piece after only three months of rehearsal and writing. This would be a stunning piece had she taken a year to create it. I've been a solo performer now for a dozen years and I've seen many people tackle difficult subjects. Often, the performers do a noble job. Rarely have I seen anyone succeed in illuminating such a complex and difficult story so skillfully. "A Widow's To-Do List" is not a simple re-telling of the events. Ericka involves us in the history of her relationship with her husband, withholding and then revealing vital information in a manner that is both intelligent and riveting. I've invited her to perform on a series I produce which includes many of the best solo performers in the Bay Area (which is saying a lot considering that the Bay Area is home to some of the finest solo performers in the nation). It is my wish that "A Widow's To-Do List" has a full life.

-- Bruce Pachtman, Producer, Solo Performer, Writer

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