Individual Book Labs + Writing Retreats in Amazing Locations + Developmental Reads + Online Classes

Give yourself – and your book – the attention, time, and guidance you need.


Option 1: Spark the Second Fire

Spark the Second Fire is a comprehensive, one-on-one book lab for experienced authors. Work with me for one year. Write and finish your next publication-ready book.

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Option 2: The Big Read

You’ve completed your manuscript. Now what? What works, what doesn’t work as well, where do you go from here? Developmental feedback, consultation, and follow-up.

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Option 3: Balance and Flow First Draft ONLINE Class
February – June 2019

Writing a novel, short stories, a memoir, or ________?  Work with me and a small group of experienced writers online. Over five months, with weekly conferences, individual feedback, genre-bending curriculum, and learning to balance your meta-writing, process work, and deadlines, you’ll finish your first draft. Yes, you will.

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Option 4: RE:TREAT VILLA EMILIA, Piedmont, Italy, June 16-23, 2019

Seven nights in Northern Italy! Gather with a small group of experienced writers to delve deeply into your project, get one-on-one manuscript consultation, discuss process and craft, and enjoy home-cooked country dinners, daily yoga, hikes in the foothills of the alps, and excellent local wines… all in a beautiful villa in a tiny village.

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It all begins with a free Connection Call.

“What every writer hopes for when seeking feedback is a reader who can clearly hear the particular voice of the work, recognize its unfulfilled possibilities, pinpoint where it flags or goes awry – and, not least, notice its best moments. It is rare to find someone with this skill and vision. Ericka Lutz has it, but she has more – she has the patience, the thoroughness and the language to turn these insights into something practical you can use. This is the faculty the best book editors I have known bring to their work, and it is our good fortune that Ericka is not locked away in some publishing skyscraper but here, available to us all.”

– Marion Winik, First Comes Love


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