As your Book Mentor, I’m your ground wire.

Electricity needs a ground wire to avoid burning down the house.



I don’t write your book for you. You’re a brilliant writer and know how to write.

BUT I can help. I hold the space – in time, in intention, in accountability – with you/for you while providing strong technical and editorial guidance.


photo credit: Anne Hamersky Photographer

As your Book Mentor:

– I keep you accountable.

– I give you editorial feedback – technical and structural.

– I give you advice when you need it, shut up when you don?t.

– I listen to your concerns: about writing, process, and publication.

– I celebrate your successes with you.

– I’m your ally and sounding board.

I’m with you all the way to a publication-ready manuscript.

How does one accept criticism, edit writing, and fine tune a story without losing the essence of who you are as a writer? Having a writing mentor who recognizes and respects your voice is key to the process. If you’re looking for a writing guide to help you stay on the trail without taking the reins, I highly recommend Ericka. – Andrea Jones, The Spitting Twins


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