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Join Me for a Week in Northern Italy

August 26 – September 2, 2024

Come to Italy with me!

Writing workings… making art… hiking in the pre-alps… catered meals… an old villa… new friends. This 7 night retreat in Northern Italy will reset your creativity. Get more information now.   ONLY 1 SLOT LEFT.


Editorial Offerings:

Developmental Editing – for when you’re ready for macro-feedback on your pages.

Mentoring/Coaching – hand-holding, process talks, feedback on your pages… every week or two.


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Ericka is a brilliant writing analyst. I have worked with her on two very different projects, a novel manuscript and a novel start, and she was unfailingly incisive in helping me identify theme and refine structure. Her feedback on what worked and what needed work was always spot on. After talking with her I had a deeper focus and clearer sense of what was essential in my work. She also has a kindness and supportiveness that gives me the confidence to continue my writing journey with renewed energy.  She’s terrific!
– Livia L.


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“What every writer hopes for when seeking feedback is a reader who can clearly hear the particular voice of the work, recognize its unfulfilled possibilities, pinpoint where it flags or goes awry – and, not least, notice its best moments. It is rare to find someone with this skill and vision. Ericka Lutz has it, but she has more – she has the patience, the thoroughness and the language to turn these insights into something practical you can use. This is the faculty the best book editors I have known bring to their work, and it is our good fortune that Ericka is not locked away in some publishing skyscraper but here, available to us all.”

– Marion Winik, First Comes Love


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