Going on the writing retreat?

Add on professional feedback for your writing from longtime editor/Book Mentor Ericka Lutz.



Feedback session for your short story, CNF piece, or book excerpt – $150
A one-hour feedback session on your writing. Includes an advance read with comments on up to 15 pages.


Deep-Dive Brainstorm – $500
A 2+ hour coaching and brainstorming session to envision your new book’s overall arc, structure, and approach. Includes an advance read (no written comments) of up to 50 pages of prose or notes. Material must be submitted by August 1.


The Beta Plus: $2,000 – $2500
This is a complete “big-picture” read of your manuscript. The Beta plus includes:

  • No formal editorial letter or copyedits but written notes as I have them, and the occasional line note.
  • A 45-60 minute consultation to discuss structure, content, flow, character development, theme, etc. + craft and process issues.
  • If the word count exceeds 120K words, there will be a surcharge of $30 per 1K words.
  • Manuscript must be submitted by July 20.


Or….?  Contact me for more options.  xo E.