Hey, fellow writer. I know a few things about you:

  • You’re an experienced writer – this is not your first writing rodeo.
  • It’s time to complete your book and defy the first, second, or fifth book jinx.
  • But…  you’re feeling isolated.
  • And scared. And tired.
  • You fear your voice doesn’t matter.
  • You’ve lost confidence in your dreams.
  • And so you’re not starting, or you’re heading down blind alleys, or you’ve just… stopped.
  • You’re not getting this book written. (And deep down, you believe you’ll never get it done.)

You need editorial and creative support.

Writing is hard, no matter how many books you’ve written.


BUT you can get your mojo and momentum back and finish your book.

I know this because I’ve been there myself. I’ve published eight books. I’ve stopped, I’ve started, I’ve stalled, I’ve flowed. I’ve taught and edited and coached writers for decades, both privately and on the university level.

I’ve helped many writers through the process.

Writing is risky and isolating. You need a knowledgeable ally to hold you accountable. Somebody with an excellent editorial eye, ear, and heart.

As a Book Mentor, I work with experienced writers on balancing all aspects of writing a book: the Writing, the Process and Practice, and the Meta-Writing.

In person, over the internet, and on the page, I’m your mountain guide through all of it, over the precipices, across the river, from wherever you are now to a publication-ready book.


Let’s work together. You’ll finish your book (and enjoy the process).


Ready to learn more? Let’s talk about it.


photo credit: Anne Hamersky Photograapher