Drop-In Online Writing Sessions

Join me for a full hour of silent writing several times a week over Zoom. I provide facilitation, optional prompts, and I keep the time. Work on whatever you’re working on; start something new!

The sessions are:

  • Drop-in (show up when you want)
  • No RSVP (really… just come on by!)

You get:

  • Companionship
  • Accountability
  • Writing prompts to use if desired

Participants are saying nice (unsolicited) things!

“Aside from seeing these other writers at their computer, intense looks on their faces, sipping tea or staring off, however they are creating their magic on the page, I see that they are doing it like me. One word at a time. These prompts, though! They?re like lightening in a bottle. BOOM!” –  Stacey Parshall Jensen

“That was such fun today, I’d like to do it a lot!” – Mara Feeney

“I’m having writing session withdrawal! I am so enjoying writing with you.” – Jill Caryl Weiner

“I love these sessions. Right now I am writing something that’s hard and my resistance is high. Each week I put the online sessions in my calendar and then I have to keep the appointments. I write for an hour, in the company of others in the same boat and writing prompts if I want them. The community is great and the sessions keep me moving forward as I tackle this big project.” – Elizabeth Bernstein

“You helped me succeed in writing again, from the heart. It felt really good.” –  Robyn Ringler

I love this method of writing. Great accountability and motivation.” – Susan Budig

You can join us. Contact me for more information!